KILL YOUR DARLINGS @ Foundation B.a.d

From today (1 July) until the 25th of August 2024, a large selection of my series ‘Kill your darlings’ will be on show in the window gallery of Foundation B.a.d in Rotterdam. I’m proud to show no less than 85 of 100 unique works of this series.

‘Kill your darlings’ is a series about developing ideas in the studio. Influenced by romantic artistic imagery of 1920s Parisian art studios, as well as the works and legacies of (nearly) forgotten female artists, these works show how an idea or story can take shape.

At the basis of these works lie 10 photographs that have been painted over by hand in 10 different ways, creating 100 possible artworks. All works are handpainted with acrylic paint on matte fine art print on Hahnemuhle-paper.

Exhibition text:
Last year, after Marie Pop delved into the Parisian studios of the early 20th century for her exhibition ‘Le studio perdu’, she not only became fascinated by artists who have fallen into oblivion. While working in the studio, a lot is lost during the process of making – and not just all kinds of materials. Ideas come and go, change, fail, are reused or discarded. With this principle in mind, Marie Pop created the series ‘Kill your darlings’, which she also calls ‘the hundred’: 10 photos have each been edited in 10 different ways. Together, these hundred unique works show the studio process: mutual connections, different visual languages,​​ and occasionally something that takes a different tack. Sometimes, the journey is just as important as the destination.

Foundation B.a.d and Marie Pop will host an event during the exhibition, of which we will provide you woth details very soon.

If you’d like to see all 100 works of this series, you can view them in the PDF-file below: