Marie at ‘NL XX LA’: Los Angeles!

Medusa’ – The Opulent Temple of the Lost Paradise, Marie Pop

I am proud to announce that my work will be part of ‘NL XX LA’, a group show at PRJCTLA in Los Angeles, USA. I will be showing works from the series ‘The Opulent Temple of the Lost Paradise’, ‘Holland’ and ‘Leviathan’.
The exhibition runs from March 5 – April 9, 2022 (reception/opening: Saturday, March 5, 3-6 PM)

NL XX LA is an exchange exhibition between Galerie Frank Taal (Rotterdam) and PRJCTLA (Los Angeles) featuring a diverse group of artists both in age and stylistic approach. Some of the artists have already shown in the counterpart city but for most participating in this exhibition it will be the first time that the artist has engaged this new audience.

Aapje’ (monkey) – Leviathan, Marie Pop

The exhibition is co-curated by Frank Taal of the Frank Taal Gallery and Carl Berg of PRJCTLA. This show brings together two diverse curatorial approaches that meld into an eclectic yet compelling exhibition.

Berg and Taal have collaborated on exhibitions in the past but NL XX LA marks the first collaborate exchange exhibition for the two curators.

The Los Angeles and Dutch art scenes are quite different and this is reflected in the kind of work the artists make in their respective localities. The art world, however, has become much more global so there are many overlapping concepts and processes, and an individual artist’s work has become less and less specific to the locality where the works are made.

This being said, there is a tone of the work that reflects difference that is based on cultural, historical and environmental divergences of each place.

For more information, visit PRJCTLA or contact my gallery.

‘Leda’ – Holland, Marie Pop